Global Partners And Strategic

TECO welcomes the opportunity to work with international contractors and partners who wish to enter and be part of our expansive market.

One of the key advantages for international companies who work with TECO is that we are able to introduce them to the huge scale and diversity of construction projects in Kuwait. We can help them become familiar with the systems and procedures, and assist them in being successful qualifying bidders for these projects.

Our local experience, expertise and our collaborative approach helps to make the tender process a positive and rewarding one for all involved parties.

Façade Consultancy and building envelopes expertise

Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co. Ltd, a subsidiary owned by Yuanda China Holdings Ltd, was established at the beginning of the year 1993.

With 18 years of rapid growth, Yuanda Company achieved extraordinary developments and improvements in the curtain wall industry worldwide thanks to its optimized corporate governance system, abundant capitals, normative operations and social brand image. In addition, Yuanda Co. passed the certification of ISO9001 International Quality System in the curtain wall industry in 1996 followed by the establishment of “Project Lab” in 1998, which meets and complies with the curtain wall testing standards of China, the US, UK and Europe.

With the product concept of “Service, Quality and Cost”, Yuanda Co. will provide the most excellent onestop curtain wall solutions to its clients and customers. The scope of service includes the design of curtain wall systems, procurement of materials, fabrication and assembly of curtain wall products, performance testing, installation and after-sales service. With the company’s concept of “Ideas Change the World, Services Create Value”, Yuanda Co. is ready to focus on innovation of technology, research and development of new materials, exploration of low carbon building, and revolutionary improvement of workmanship. Together with our partners from all over the world, we lead the whole industry to a higher level and create a more environmental and comfortable living space for human beings.

Driven by the successful execution of KIPCO project, TECO established a prosperous relationship with CNYD and recently set up a joint venture partnership with CNYD in Kuwait under the title of Yuanda Kuwait General Contracting for Buildings Co. As a result of this fruitful collaboration, we were awarded to construct and supervise Burj Al-Shaya – Exterior Envelop Package.

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